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Breaking Barriers: Plus Size Lingerie Model

I’ve been knowing Mizani since college. It was no surprise to me when I saw her looking as delicate as a swan’s feather on Instagram. Mizani always made it clear she was her own favorite -- That I respected! I am so glad to hear from her on how she decided to be a Plus Size Lingerie Model (Savage x Fenty WATCH OUT!)

Introduce yourself and your brand. Who are you and what do you stand for?

Hi! I’m Mizani. I am a lingerie, self-love, and lifestyle blogger. I believe that all women, no matter their size, should feel beautiful and sexy in their own skin & in lingerie. #Allbodiesaregoodbodie.

Why Lingerie Modeling? How did you find the courage to go for it?

I spent most of 2019 trying to figure out what type of blog I wanted to have. I wanted this blog to fit into the woman I was becoming and I wanted it to be different. After navigating through several different types of blogs, I decided on lingerie and self love. I’d been on this self love journey for a while and I was in a place where I wanted to share my journey with folks. I don’t know where the courage came from, one day it was just there. Blessings to the universe. 

Being plus size, how does that inform your selection of lingerie and

what you model?

The plus size fashion world is growing so fast. I remember when all you could get was ‘grandmawear’ in the plus size section in department stores or online. Now, you can be just as sexy as a slimmer woman. The store will likely determine what's available to you, but honestly when I'm shopping for lingerie, there are usually a good selection of plus size lingerie. I buy for my body type and because I review things, sometimes I’ll even get pieces that are a little different. 

Now that you’ve been building your online presence, do you really feel like you are a model? How do you deal with imposter syndrome which is very common?

I won’t feel like an actual model until I have an agency behind me. I honestly didn’t even give myself the title of model, others did and I went along with it. I don’t feel like an imposter, I just feel like I have more work to do before I can achieve the “model” level. 

When you need a boost of confidence before being on camera,
what do you do?

Dance and laugh. Whenever a person smiles and laughs, it makes their photoshoots easier. I also do my hair and makeup, so I’m feeling myself (inserts Beyonce beat.)

Did you struggle with weight or body issues? If so, where are you on that journey?

Weight has always been an issue for me  and so was how I looked at my body. I started going to therapy, acknowledging what I felt my issues were and started to solve the problems. I’m in the midst of my self love/weight loss journey. I’ve lost 60 lbs so far and feel great about my body and my spirit. 

What are you most proud of yourself for?

Doing boudoir and opening up to experiences and being vulnerable.

Lastly, any advice for someone similar to you, who wants to be a model?

Keep grinding and stay consistent.- Rome wasn’t built in a day & I’m sure they rebuilt plenty.

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