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Daily Gentle Ways to Detox

  1. Cancer is like another member of the family in my family’s medical history. And I do NOT have time.

  2. It helps me to maintain healthy, glowing skin.

  3. Detoxing has also helped me maintain a healthy median weight of 155 (in addition to a great diet and minimal exercise.)

  4. Detoxing helps me to keep my organs healthy so that they feel supported in the important work they do everyday: keep ME alive!

For all of these reasons and then some, I LOVE detoxing - especially without the nasty, extreme side effects. Below are some of my favorite ways to detox on a daily basis that help me to be my best:

  1. Hot lemon water: Hot lemon water is my ultimate favorite. I especially enjoy drinking this when I first wake up right before my meditation. If I am recovering from some bad food decisions, hot lemon water will remain in my cup throughout the day and will be my only beverage of choice. The price? Constantly running to the bathroom but for me - it’s well worth it! My stomach stays on FLAT FLAT (Drake voice) and I know my entire body is benefiting from this process. The hot lemon water helps to push out any toxins or other unwanted waste from my body. 

  2. Tea Cleanse. I love getting my favorite tea and drinking it throughout the day. Much similar to my experience with the lemon water but the only difference is that I get to further customize what I want to target. For example, Yogi has a tea to promote healthy skin. Being a skin care fanatic, it should be no surprise that this is one of my go to’s. Sometimes, I will get teas for my yoni, kidneys, skin, digestive system or anything else that I have a need for. 

  3. Juicing. I bought myself a juicer in December of 2017 and have been in love since. My favorite combinations are cucumber and watermelon or carrot, sweet potato and watermelon! The hydration is incredibly intense and it curbs my sweet tooth when I can't have a piece of chocolate cake.

These tips and detox tricks may not work for you. You may not like hot drinks, you may not care for watermelon or cucumber. While these things may be true for you, that is no excuse to not find detox recipes that work for you to recover from bad food decisions, to support your organs, promote healthy skin or any of your other health goals. Achieving great skin will force you to be critical of your diet and lifestyle in ways that will soon impact each aspect of your health. As your skin gets healthier from holistic lifestyle decisions, your weight becomes more manageable, your check ups are stress free and your hair is longer (edges stay full.) To truly improve your skin improves your quality of life. 

Don’t focus on what does not work for you - it’s irrelevant. Instead, find what DOES work for you to take control over your own life and health.

Do you detox? Do we need to be doing it too? Want us to blog about a specific topic? Comment below!

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