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Herbal Teas for the GLOW

"A cup of tea a day, can make your glowing skin stay."

In this article we'll discuss how you can begin incorporating custom blended herbal teas into your daily routine to increase your overall health, especially the health of your skin.

When thinking about herbal teas, you'll want to consider what your specific needs are and how certain herbs, fruits and vegetables can help to supplement that nutrient your body may be lacking. When combining herbal teas, fruits and vegetables this is called a "TeaTox."


A TeaTox is simply boiling fruits, vegetables and herbs together for a specific health concern or benefit. It's important to allow your combination to boil for at least 1 hour or more. Next, strain the water from the boil into a tea cup and add a sweetener. Consume regularly for progress. 

Below I share some examples of TeaToxes that can help aid you in your health journey. Hopefully these will inspire you to create your own combinations for your own health benefits.


1. Vaginal Health TeaTox = 1/4 Cup of Cranberries, 4 - 7 Slices of Ginger, 1 Whole Sliced Oranges and 1/4 Cup of Raspberries. This vaginal loving blend should be boiled down with filtered water and sweeten with agave or honey. This is excellent to consume when your cycle is starting or during to help with blood flow and promote vaginal health. Feeling super feminine? Grab a couple of roses from your local store, or garden, rinse off 3 - 4 petals and add them to the pot to boil! Red Roses are the MOST feminine flowers and help to promote health in femininity.

2. Digestion = 4 - 7 Slices of Ginger + 1 Whole Sliced Apple + 1/3 Cup of Fresh Spinach or Kale. Each of these ingredients are helpful for the digestive system. The best part? This combination is not a laxative and can be consumed during a normal day. To be on the safe side, only consume 1 cup per day unless you will not be leaving your home to ensure you can go the bathroom if/when needed. 

3. Skin Health = 1/4 cup of Dried Chamomile + 2 Sticks of Cinnamon + 1 Whole Sliced Carrot + 2 Bags of Green Tea. Each of these ingredients are excellent for promoting skin health. This tea is excellent for everyday use and should be used for those who are experiencing troubled skin or want to maintain their glow. 

Teatoxes are excellent ways to get the nutrients your body lacks by combining your favorite herbal teas with boiled fruits, vegetables and roots that can help your body to stay aligned.

I use TeaToxes on a daily basis to achieve my own health goals and highly recommend you do the same. In addition to taking a Women's Multivitamin, Teatoxes and strategic meal prep are all a part of your skincare routine because all of this is connected to the appearance of your skin, as well as your emotional, spiritual and mental presence due to the impact your diet has on your energy.

What combinations do you think would be most helpful for you to create for your body? 

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