How I Am Determined to Prevent Cervical Cancer & Ovarian Cancer

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In the true spirit of honesty, the possibility of my health failing is enough to scare me. Just thinking about all the ways my body could take a random, terrible turn for the worse is enough to send me to tears. As an ode to how much I love myself, I wanted to master my emotions by having a game plan on how I would make myself feel better when overwhelmed by fear (of something that wasn't even happening.)


ACTION. I have learned from millions of almost heart attacks (or excessive, unnecessary panicking) that taking actions, seeking clarity and getting shit done helps me so much. Even if I'm not sure of the action that I should be taking, when I see myself trying to get the answer and taking that next step anyway, it affirms for me how much I care instead of just worrying. 


So, I decided to take this action as often as I could. Below are my go to ways that I improve my yoni and reproductive health a little everyday:

1. Tea or TeaTox I should say. Imagine ordering a cup of tea from your favorite tea or coffee shop and they add a couple of slices of fresh ginger and half a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar to your cup. Maybe even a few fresh raspberries and a big spoon of honey. Well, that's a great recipe for a gentle TeaTox! The good news is you don't have to wait until your local coffee shop get's a clue. Give yourself the nutrients your body deserves. Each time I make myself a hot cup of TeaTox I take a minute, inhale the cup's calming fragrance and say "I love you" to myself because this hot cup of tea is a form of prevention to my future self. And that's a damn good form of self care.

2. Consistent Meal Prep, each and every Sunday. My meal prep is not some pretty vegan, overpriced, organic show. It's a few items that don't pack on a whole bunch of weight but don't leave me hungry and saves me a TON of money (shoutout to Aldi's.) My meal prep is another way I love on myself. In each container I try to find a way to say to my future self "I love you." It could be extra spinach, or a new sauce that I've never tried, or maybe it's a bowl of fresh watermelon and grapes (my favorite combo.) All in all, I had to find a way to fall in love with my routine of meal prepping. Otherwise, I would start to become tired of the same old same. But the truth is, there are multi-billion dollar companies betting on me eating out, getting high blood pressure/diabetes/cancer/gout/etc. So it's important that I surprise them and feed myself at least 85% of the time. 

3. Water - My favorite! What I love oh so much about this step is water is so accessible to me and that's just NOT true for the rest of the world! Many many people struggle to have access to drinking water and that's a privilege I try not to take advantage of as much as possible. What I also love about water is that I know it aids each and every one of my detox organs from my liver, lungs, colon, kidneys, lymph and skin. Our detox organs are like our body's security guards because they have the ability to filter out the bad stuff that could remain and become really bad for us (like cancerous tumors and cysts.) And if you want to get on their good side, start off easy with a LOT of water! 

4. Bedtime Yoga, now granted I literally just started this 2 weeks ago. So please don't pump me. But again, it's an ode to self care, self love and to myself. It also helps to relieve any stress I may be feeling and stress is TOXIC for the body. It helps things get worse and when it comes to preventing chronic illnesses, we NEED to keep stress levels low to nonexistent. That's why I LOVE doing a 10 - 20 minute Bedtime Yoga on Le YouTube and a fat cup of Sleepytime Tea (about 3 bags and a shot of ACV + honey.) This puts me right to sleep and gives me a chance to release tension in places that are often neglected because, I LOVE myself. After giving my job 8 hours of my day, aren't I worth 15 minutes? To that I say, Hell Yes!

Ok, so if you've come to the end it says you're dedicated to learning as much as you can about self care, self love and all that comes with it to live a better quality of life! Don't stop here though. Your expression of self love does not need to look like mine and if your needs are different, it SHOULDN'T! So, whatever it is you want to achieve in your long-term health goals find ways to make it customizable and easy for you to do! Don't be hard on yourself, make achieving your health goals approachable for yourself and stick to them. More importantly, when you fall off (because we all do) forgive yourself and START ALL OVER! It's ok, sis. 

Janae is the founder of GLORI: Fit for a Queen and is a self care enthusiast and is probably giving herself a facial RIGHT NOW. She's from East Palo Alto, CA (Yay Area) and currently resides in Houston, TX (s/o to Yonce.) Janae started GLORI after experiencing her 3rd panic attack at a toxic job she quit long ago. She realized that so many companies have profited from the stress of women of color. That's why at the center of GLORI's work is helping US to heal. She believes that her success is not complete until the quality of life for women of color improves. 

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