New Week, New Me DIY Facial

Before the new week begins, aka Monday, I have to find a way to make myself "anew" before I see those same faces. For those of you whose workspaces that are as toxic as my own, you know exactly what I mean. All the gossip, hate and ego makes my skin dull and my energy low bearing fruit to pettiness. That’s why I have to stick with my rituals of a weekly facial before the week begins. Below is one of my favorite recipes for a facial that gets my skin back to a glow everytime!

  1. It must be said that for 20 somethings with oily, acne prone, combination skin, cleansing and gentle exfoliation is not only key but life or death for our skin. I know that sounds dramatic but built up dead skin, oil, debris, and acne causing bacteria can collect on the skin’s surface. That means no matter how good the products are that follow your cleanser, they will not be able to do your skin any good because it cannot penetrate your skin’s pores. Your skin is not cleansed or exfoliated enough to allow those ingredients to penetrate the pores. That said, my first step is a charcoal cleanser. However, a water based cleanser of your choice is fine.
  2. The next thing is a mask that I make myself which is both hydrating and antibacterial. You’ll combine:
    1. 3 tbsp of Aloe Vera Gel
    2. ¼ cup of Apple Cider Vinegar
    3. 1 tbsp of raw, organic honey
    4. 1 tbsp of Sea Kelp Powder
    5. ½ tbsp of White Kaolin Clay
    6. 2 tbsp of Organic Green Tea
  3. I combine all of the wet ingredients (Aloe Vera Gel, Apple Cider Vinegar, Raw Organic Honey and Organic Green Tea.) Next I folded in the dry ingredients (Sea Kelp Powder, White Kaolin Clay) to create a semi-thick paste. What I love about this mask is that I can feel the White Kaolin Clay gently exfoliating my dead skin, which is allowing all of the other ingredients to really penetrate the pores. The Sea Kelp Powder is excellent for helping to strengthen my skin’s outer barrier by moisturizing the skin which is top priority when it comes to protecting your skin from future breakouts or experiencing dryness. The Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Green Tea and Honey all have excellent antibacterial properties. So this mask is easily cleansing as it is moisturizing. I apply this to my face and body for a great mask on both areas but not my hair!
    1. I spread this DIY mask to my face after I have cleansed with my water based cleanser (or charcoal cleanser for me.) I rub this into my skin for about 10 minutes with emphasis on my t-zone and cheeks (basically my whole face.) Afterwards, I apply a thicker layer of the paste to my skin and rub onto my neck and chest for another 10 minutes. I continue this way with the rest of my body before hopping into the shower for a rinse.
  4. After the shower and a good rinse, I then apply a DIY astringent (1 part apple cider vinegar, 1 part green tea, 1 part rose water.) I make a very, very small amount and use about 6 - 7 cotton balls. This is my way of really getting my face squeaky clean and a way to spot correct where I tend to build up with oil or bacteria.
  5. Once my astringent is now only damp on my skin, I apply a thick layer of aloe vera gel or a really moisturizing serum. This is a critical part of the facial because once you’ve cleansed and masked your skin, it’s definitely looking to be replenished! So I apply a mega moisturizing product that’s going to give back what my skin has lost but better than before!
  6. Once the moisturizer is now only damp, I apply a thick layer of my favorite night cream. I give myself a facial massage with the cream and really feel loved with the creamy lather on my face and neck. My mouth feels looser and face muscles are more relaxed. My facial is complete!

What I love most about the process if the exfoliation! Masks are great but without some kind of exfoliation, your skin’s dead skin cells and pores would remain the same: clogged, dirty and dull. By penetrating our pores and clearing our skin of acne causing bacteria, we can reveal cleansed skin to replenish with skin loving ingredients. Share your comments below about this DIY Week Starter Facial!

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