Oil Obsessed: Bye Coconut!

Coconut oil is hard to get away from! This beloved oil is everywhere and for those that don’t see eye to eye with coconut, end up feeling like an outsider. The truth is the oil is excellent for moisturizing skin, including those with eczema, or removes makeup. For others, they have found this oil to clog pores and cause chaos. That’s why there are so many other oils to try for your oily/acne prone or dry skin! 

Introducing Grapeseed Oil!

This oil is my biggest obsession right now. I cook with it, I put it in my smoothies (helps with digestion) and I even put it on my hair and skin! It’s included in GLORI’s Brightening Elixir. But what makes the oil of grape seeds worthy of such attention? Glad you asked! 

  1. Treats acne: Grapeseed’s antimicrobial properties make it ideal for attacking acne causing bacteria. Research is lacking on this benefit, but our Brightening Elixir is proof that your skin thrives with Grapeseed Oil in your cabinet!
  2. Evening Your Skin Tone: Grapeseed oil contains proanthocyanidin, a wonderful antioxidant ingredient that may help to even your skin tone when used consistently. This is the biggest reason why it was included in the Brightening Elixir to help with brightening and evening your skin tone. 
  3. Excellent Eye Elixir: It contains Vitamin E, which is incredibly helpful in keeping your precious eye area even toned, moisturized and nourished. Apply the Brightening Elixir (or raw Grapeseed Oil) to your eye area with your ring finger to ensure you do not apply excessive pressure. 
  4. Heals (Acne) Scars: Grapeseed Oil’s ability to brighten and even skin tone is a very real thing. Not only does it contain Vitamin E (which is proven to lessen the appearance of dark spots, wounds and scars) but it also contains linoleic acid. Linoleic Acid is proven to speed up the healing process. This also pertains to your nagging acne scars and dark marks! 
  5. Helps to Increase Collagen: Grapeseed Oil contains incredible antioxidants that help to increase collagen. Collagen is also critical to helping skin remain youthful and heal your skin’s wounds (bye Felicia to those acne scars!) 

From treating acne, to helping to even skin tone and fast absorption, Grapeseed Oil is just THAT oil! If you or someone you know struggles with oily skin and feel they cannot use oils because it will clog pores, it’s just NOT true! All oils are not made the same and do not absorb into skin the same. You’ll see why Grapeseed Oil was chosen as the primary oil in our Brightening Elixir to help you balance oil production, even skin tone and brighten your acne scars and dark marks. Use code FLASH for 40% off your purchase of the Brightening Elixir today! Click the link to grab yours! 

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