Simple SZN: What I Learned from a Summer BreakOut

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To my sisters, I’m known as the skin care/f*ck boy/Queen advisor. While I usually hold my Queenly responsibilities well, this summer humbled me to a shy whisper when I broke out all over my forehead! To add insult to injury, the pimples were raised, inflamed and caught everyone’s attention. Just as their eyes grew bigger with excitement, they’d gently say “Oh, you’re breaking out” as if I would forget.

I had not done anything out of the norm. I was using products with organic ingredients with plant extracts, amazing oils and doing my skincare routine in the morning and (most) nights. I drew the conclusion that it was stress related. I was moving to a different state, had been in several arguments with family members about my own boundaries, how I would/not be treated and their actions toward me. Coming home from College, my family was not feeling my re-introduction.

“Allow me to reintroduce myself my name is: QUEEN!”

So what did I do to take care of the acne?

Quickly, I removed the cream I was using from my regimen. I knew the cream was good but in humid weather, good or not, a thick cream clogging your pores will not aid in your acne clearing up unless that’s specifically what it’s for. The next thing I did was go back to basics.

I used an exfoliating facial cleanser with glycolic acid that was cream based. I knew it was a gentle, exfoliating cleanser that would cleanse the top layer of skin and make my skin more penetrable for other beneficial ingredients. Exfoliating and cleansing everyday, gently definitely ensures that your skin will welcome the next products you apply. Next, I switched my moisturizing toner for pure witch hazel. I wanted to target the acne head on. I then used my moisturizing toner as an essence and began spraying the toner into my hands and pressing it into my face to ensure was skin was still hydrated.

But the big change was using Aloe Vera Gel as a moisturizer.

For those who don’t know, aloe vera gel is lit! Think of aloe vera gel as Water 2.0! The gel is intensely hydrating  and when paired with other hydrating ingredients or plant extracts, can do WONDERFUL things for the skin. I used 2 pumps of aloe vera gel during the day time and 3 - 4 pumps of aloe vera at night. I noticed my pores were smaller (less open to dirt, bacteria) and anytime my pimples were inflamed the gel would cool it IMMEDIATELY! The aloe LITERALLY saved my life y’all. It took a good 3 weeks for the acne to completely go away with no scars.

It was definitely a transition going from oil based moisturizers to aloe vera gel. I thought it may not be enough but my skin never looked or felt dry. The aloe dries fast and I would forget that it was there. But that doesn’t mean it stopped working. Even though my acne has been cleared, I haven't stopped using the aloe vera gel as my moisturizer. It's been great for tightening the pores (gently), lightening dark spots and leaving my skin incredibly hydrated! This summer taught me when things get rough, go back to the basics - keep it light.


Have you tried moisturizing with aloe gel versus a cream? What are you up to with your skin in the hot months?

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