Wake Up Diva: The Power of a Morning Goddess Routine

Waking up is a sacred blessing, at leasst when you value the air, time and space reserved for yourself. It can be a challenge to set intention for the day and take advantage of your time to improve your life. A way to have great impact on your day is to create and stick to a morning routine that will help you to feel good about yourself and the day ahead.


Below are a list of things that should be considered to help maximize your day. Read more below!


  1. Hydrate: Whenever I have an issue with my body of any kind, it’s rare when I do not start with water. Water is just that amazing! That said, give yourself life in the morning by hydrating. My favorite combination is hot lemon water early in the morning! During the cold winter months, I also add orange slices to my lemon water to increase my Vitamin C intake.

  2. Physical Activity: Don't run and hide sis. I promise physical activity does not have to be intensive or hard. Remember, your morning routine is supposed to make you feel good. If your goal is weight loss, you should consider committing to cardio or another type of workout. If you are more concerned about your mindset and happiness, you can also consider yoga or meditation for a calm start to the day.

  3. Audio Debt: To leave a good impression on your subconscious in the morning, try listening to one of your favorite songs that helps you to feel empowered or powerful. My favorite is "Schoolin Life" by Bey or "I'm Every Woman" by Whitney Houston.

  4. Breakfast: Heavier meals should be reserved for earlier in the day. That means your breakfast should be your heaviest meal of the day. My favorite combo is turkey bacon, egg whites and avocado toast. Be sure to choose a breakfast that you like and that your body will benefit from.

  5. Positive Self Talk: Pay close attention to the things you say to yourself or out your mouth especially when you wake up in the morning. 


Hey sis, your life is important. For women to have fulfilling careers, flourishing families and stay in good health sounds good but it's a lot of hard work and consistency. But, we cannot just hope that these things will happen for us, we have to let the little moments add up. Make each moment count by being present and positive. When you make mistakes, because we all do, forgive yourself and do better. What did you think of this post? Please comment feedback below, it’s the only way we can get better for YOU!

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