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Moisture Barrier 101

Keep breakouts low by reducing how much toxins and dirt penetrates skin with a STRONG Moisture Barrier. 

Your skin has a Moisture Barrier that helps to keep free radicals, pollution, dirt and bacteria from penetrating deep into your pores and causing skin chaos!

So, what is the Moisture Barrier?

Simply put, the Moisture Barrier helps your skin to retain moisture and hydration - more specifically water. More importantly, it’s main job is to keep bad stuff out and good stuff in. This helps to prevent the skin from dehydration and repel irritants in the environment, which is important in today's pollution friendly surroundings. 

How do I know if my Moisture Barrier is in good shape?

You might experience dryness, flakes, inflamed, red, excessive itching could be causes of a damaged Moisture Barrier. However, these symptoms could be the cause of other skin conditions.

What causes a broken Moisture Barrier?

Too much alcohol or caffeine. Not enough water.  There are also environmental factors like excessive sun exposure, too much wind and of course, not enough moisturizer in your life!

Ok, but how can I repair it?

Yes, start with water & diet. Staying hydrated with regular water intake, fresh cold pressed juices, smoothies and fresh greens help to keep you hydrated inside which helps your outside! Next, you’ll want to choose skincare that contains ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and moisturizing ingredients like Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter or Aloe Vera Juice. These ingredients are excellent for soothing irritated skin and keep you glowing!

Share these tips with friends so you all can glow into 2020!

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