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Nighttime Mask: GLORI Release!

"I woke up like dis." 

- Queen Beyoncé G.K. Carter

Nighttime routines are the most important part of your skin care regimen. The reason is because your skin recovers at night from the day and nighttime masks are an excellent way to help repair your skin!

When it comes to nighttime masks or cremes, you should look for ingredients that hydrate skin. For nighttime masks, look for ingredients like Cocoa Butter, Aloe Vera Gel or you can be a little more advanced with Collagen, Vitamin B3 and Hyaluronic Acid. 

Nighttime masks are there to replenish and treat skin so that it can give your skin a boost of nutrients while you sleep. These masks and cremes can also help to minimize inflammation and seal in the toner, serum and eye creme you’ve applied. Nighttime masks or cremes tend to be thicker in texture and may not be suitable for a warm, hot day. However, if you have dry skin and it’s in the cooler months, a night creme could give your skin the defense it needs to be supple, moisturized and balanced during the harsher months. 

GLORI will release its’ Dew You Hydration Mask on January 20th for our 1 year anniversary!

The product helps to repair your skin’s moisture barrier with cult favorite ingredients like Rose Water, Cocoa Butter, Aloe Vera Juice and Carrot Seed Oil. This Nighttime Mask is designed to be applied liberally, and it’s recommended that you pair the mask with a facial oil. If you have dry or aging skin, you can also use this as a moisturizer for daytime. It’s also excellent to prep skin for makeup application which provides skin with nutrients prior to. 

The full collection drops soon and you won’t want to miss this!

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