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Toners: What's the Deal?

Toners are some of the most misunderstood products in the skincare industry and this should clear up your questions. 

Toners can treat the skin for various skin ailments and conditions depending on the ingredients. However, all toners are supposed to have these things in common:

  1. All toners should contain a preservative because they are water based. Any product that has water in it, should have a preservative to protect the integrity of the product (prevent mold from growing.)
  2. Toners should be hydrating, never drying out skin or stinging. This is important because traditionally, toners have been incredibly dehydrating, stinging and just damaging to the skin loaded with alcohol. 
  3. Toners should be based in a plant based hydrosol like Rose Water, Lavender Water or Aloe Vera Juice. This ensures the formula is gentle, hydrating, purifying and calming for skin. 
So, how do you use toners and why is it necessary?

Toners are used after a cleanse and before you apply serums, moisturizers, etc. It’s important to note that when applying your skincare routine, you should apply your products in terms of lightest to consistency to heaviest consistency. The point in applying toners if for two reasons:

  1. To capture any remaining dirt that your cleanser may leave behind.
  2. To help your skin to better absorb your skincare products as your skin better absorbs products when your skin is damp. 
  3. Toners can help your skin to appear even more dewy, plump and hydrated. 
How do I choose a toner?

You should choose a toner based on what your skin goals are. If you’re someone that struggles with acne scars, dark marks and hyperpigmentation, you should consider having a toner that contains a gentle chemical exfoliation. This will help to fade dark marks and acne scars. However, if you have aging or dry skin, you’ll want to find a toner that contains Hyaluronic Acid or Vitamin B3. Both of these ingredients can help to increase hydration and restore skin beautifully. No matter what you seek your toner to do, always choose a toner that is plant based, gentle and hydrating. 

So, as a summary, toners are great for hydration and removing excess dirt. Toners help to balance your skin pH after cleansing and help your skin to absorb your full skincare routine! Always choose a gentle, plant based toner that hydrates skin. Add a toner to your regimen like last month!

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