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Healing Herbal Bath

Over are the days of bubble baths, harsh but pretty body washes and water downed lotions. Below I share tips on how I heal myself one bath at a time with some of my favorite herbs, plants, oils and scents. Let's get started! 

First, I always recommend taking a brief, short shower to remove the top layer of dirt, bacteria, etc. so that the rest of your products can penetrate easier for the rest of your bath. You can choose to skip this step but I always rinse my hair (co-wash) and do a rinse with African Black Soap before I start my bath but it's optional. 

Second: Now for your bath. You first want to fill the tub ofcourse. Think of the water as the foundation of your bath (duh!) so you want to put as many skin & soul loving ingredients in your bath. Ex: Start with epsom salt or your preferred bath salt. Next, swirl the warm (NOT HOT!) water around to melt the salts. You can also add herbal tea that has been boiled. Add the tea to your bath. If you're suffering from vaginal imbalance, try boiling some whole cranberries and add the water to your bath! Cranberries = Vaginal bliss!

Third: After you've added your salts & teas, add your favorite essential oils. I am always looking to be more relaxed so I add Eucalyptus, Chamomile & Lavender. I also add whatever I add to my bath to my humidifier so I am engulfed in the fragrance of the oils. If you suffer from dry skin, you can also add milk to your bath. I have eczema and this does feel amazing. 

Fourth: Apply a facial mask while you are taking your bath. The steam from the bath will help the mask to penetrate your skin while you are relaxing. GLORI's Dead Sea Mud Mask will transport you to a spa without leaving your home! 

Fifth: You'll want to play some relaxing instrumental music. Try looking at these options on YouTube which can help you to really set the mood for yourself! Alternatively, you can watch your favorite move instead. Decide if you need more peace & quiet or want to have a blast with your favorite movie. 

Sixth: Finally, you're ready to sit in your bath. You'll want to have your soaps nearby. A great tip, mix your body wash with your Epsom Salt for a creamy body exfoliant to slough away dead skin! It feels amazing! Avoid the facial area and only use fine, small granules of Epsom Salt to prevent harsh scrubbing. 

Seventh: When you're finished with your bath, make a hot cup of tea and relax some more! Don't rush, the work will be there when you're done. Some of your best ideas about your life, your goals, etc. will come from moments like this so trust the process. Lastly, apply your favorite oils & butters to face and body while skin is still damp. 

This bath treatment is meant for you to customize it according to what you have! Don't read this and go "I should wait until I get a humidifier" or "I don't have essential oils." IT DOESN'T MATTER. Do what you can with what you have and get what you can later on. I do this treatment on a weekly basis if I am being disciplined. As a previous hot head, a survivor of depression and sexual violence treatments like this help me to destress, reflect and slow things down! 

How can you customize this bath treatment for yourself?

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  • Such a timely article. Appreciate the thought and intention! I am definitely going to try using milk in my bath. Never knew the benefits. May put it in the tub with the kiddos as well.

    • Breah