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Our Roots

Janae, founder of GLORI: Fit for a Queen.

GLORI began with a dream to offer skincare solutions to women of color who struggle with dryness, oily skin (which is also dry underneath), dark spots, congested pores, black heads, dark circles and all of the skincare woes! Founder, Janae Peats, wanted other women to join her on a journey of glowing, supple, soft and sexy skin. But also to join her in the process of producing soft, supple skin for yourself. Practicing selfcare from applying your cleanser, essence and moisturizer to increasing your water intake and lessening your meat intake, Janae found that she was actively giving herself love on a daily basis and this helped the way she showed up in the world. Soon Janae realized that achieving healthy, bright, beautiful, balanced skin is much deeper than skincare. It's a lifestyle! Soda and skincare do not coexist happily. GLORI is dedicated to showing women how accessible making the healthier choice is if only you would love yourself enough to do the right thing for your body. We hope you join Janae on this GLORIous journey of wellness for all women of color.

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